Kanapaha's visitors center, Summer House and our 62-acre garden facility has both indoor and outdoor spaces making it a perfect location for weddings, parties or other social functions. The rental fee includes chairs and tables (inside) and chairs (outside) arranged to your specifications. Also included in your rental fee is access to the gardens for a ceremony rehearsal. Because ceremony rehearsals generally take place on Friday, please note that we close at 5pm on Fridays. The rental fee also waives the regular cost of admission for up to 150 guests.

Please send an email below to inquire about a rental or schedule a tour to view the facilities. Please do not drop by without scheduling an appointment in advance.



Thank you for selecting Kanapaha Botanical Gardens to host your event.  We have hosted hundreds of weddings, receptions, meetings, retreats and other social functions and are pleased to have the opportunity to serve you as well.  Over the years, we have developed this set of guidelines that are intended to answer many commonly asked questions and to assist you in planning your event.

General:   Please remember that Kanapaha Botanical Gardens will remain open to the public during some or all of most events.  We will endeavor to see that our visitors do not interfere with your activities and ask you to reciprocate.  When you make a reservation, you are guaranteed exclusive use of only the reserved space and only during the bloc of rental time.  Common areas, such as lobbies inside Summer House, bathrooms, porches and sidewalks outside are not part of our rentals and should remain free of congestion, decorations and other set-up materials; if you wish to utilize another space for this or other purposes, it must be included in your rental agreement. No tables or chairs may be removed from Summer House for use at outdoor rental sites and no outdoor chairs may be moved indoors.

All restrictions that apply to gardens visitors also apply to individuals utilizing rental space.  For instance, smoking is not allowed in Summer House. Running or shouting in the building are prohibited and music (and other noise sources) must be kept to a level that does not disturb visitors or staff.  Children must always be under adult supervision with at least one adult accompanying every five children.  Entry into the Gift Gallery is restricted to individuals 18 years or older.

Kanapaha Gardens is not responsible for "acts of God,” such as inclement weather, tree falls etc.---that could potentially impact rental activities.  Outdoor rentals are “fair weather” affairs; it is the responsibility of the renting party to make any alternate arrangements (which may include space reservation in Summer House) in the event of inclement weather.  A non-refundable and non-transferable rental deposit is required to reserve the site of your choice, with the balance due one month before the event. Requested arrangement of chairs and, if applicable, tables are needed no later than two weeks before the event.

Frequently asked questions:

-Q. When can we enter? A. Activities related to the rental (including those of the caterers, decorators, etc) begin during your scheduled rental time (not before) and a charge of $200/hr  will be assessed for earlier arrivals this charge will be deducted from the damage / overtime deposit.

-Q. Are alcoholic beverages permitted? A.  Yes, but with one restriction: Kegs of beer or coolers must be kept up off our wooden floors.

-Q. Are there restrictions on decorations and staging?  A. All decorations must be placed and removed within the rental time bloc. Decorations that are attached to gazebos, posts, railings etc. must be attached with string or another method that does not leave a mark and not with command strips, staples, tacks, tape, glue or any like products. Nothing should be attached to walls. Candles may be used as part of a ceremony but cannot be placed along walkways, porches, in and around the building or common areas. No other use of fire or fireworks is permitted.  Glitter, birdseed and confetti are prohibited but rice; bubbles are allowed as are rice and flower petals if any thrown on our sidewalk are subsequently swept up. Only one set up for the rental will be provided and the set up should remain intact through the rental period.  No tables, easels, sound equipment or other structures may be set up in public areas. If these or other items are needed, they must be supplied by the rental party. No decorations, linens, glasses, dishes, stages, or other rental equipment may be stored at Kanapaha and must be delivered and removed during the rental period.  All chairs used inside the building must be provided by Kanapaha. Canopies, tents and other temporary structures that require ground stakes are not allowed.  It is the responsibility of the renting party to see that the event coordinator, caterer or the rental company abide by these guidelines.

-Q. Can food be served?  A. Food cannot be cooked on site (such as barbeque) but may be brought in by a caterer or the rental party.  No part of the kitchen may be used unless it is part of the rental agreement.  It is the responsibility of the renting party to see that caterers abide by these guidelines.

-Q. Can I rent the porch?A. Yes, the western and northern portions of the porch are included with the rental of the Conference Room, however, we do need to leave some space for our rocking chairs.

-Q. Can the artwork be taken down in the Reception Hall? A. No, but we will supply a projection screen if needed.

-Q. When must rental facilities be vacated? A. At the end of the bloc of rental time. Activities related to the rental (including those of caterers, decoration removal, etc.) that continue beyond scheduled rental time will incur a $200/hour charge that will be deducted from the damage/overtime deposit. The parking lot must be vacated within 15 minutes of the termination of an evening event so our staff may lock the gates.  No vehicles may be left overnight.  No one involved with a rental, including decorators, may be outside in the gardens after dark.

-Q. What about clean-up? A. All decorations should be removed and the room(s) and outside facilities left as you found them. Trash and recyclables should be left for disposal by our staff.  This does not include large cardboard boxes and food preparation materials which must be removed by the rental party or caterer. Soiled surfaces should be wiped and cleaned.

-Q. Is there an additional charge for holding a rehearsal or entering Kanapaha for other planning purposes? A. Rehearsals can be scheduled one month in advance of the rental at no additional charge. The rehearsal must work around other rentals in that area and take place during our regular hours of operation. Please remember that Kanapaha Botanical Gardens closes at 5 p.m. on Fridays.

-Q. Are golf carts available for use? A. Kanapaha’s golf carts are available for rental but outside golf carts are not allowed. Carts must be operated by a responsible adult and may be used solely to transport guests between Summer House and outdoor rental sites. They are not to be used for sightseeing and must not be driven on the sidewalks except as necessary to reach rental sites.  No other vehicles (including limousines, horse-drawn carriages, rickshaws etc.) may proceed beyond the parking area. In order to utilize a golf cart here, you must first read driving instructions and sign a waiver, releasing Kanapaha from any responsibility for any injuries. Only golf carts provided by Kanapaha can be used at our facility.