Ginger Garden

Overview: This taxonomic garden displays plants in the Zingiberaceae family (ginger family).  Gingers are among the best known of the flowering shade tolerant plants.  Gingers die back to the ground in the winter and emerge the following spring.
A closer look: Gingers are plants belonging to the family Zingiberaceae.  They prefer shady situations and are among the few herbaceous plants that flower well in the shade.  The flowers of gingers are zygomorphic or bilateral, meaning they can be symmetrically divided by only one longitudinal plane to create mirror image halves.  They are more tropical in distribution and consequently die back to the ground in the winter in this climate but will reemerge from tuberous rhizomes the following spring.

The majority of gingers found in this garden belong to the genus Kaempferia. Many gingers are economically important species because of their use as a spice, including the genera Zingiber (ginger), Curcuma (tumeric), and Amomum and Elettaria (cardamon).

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