Children’s Garden

Overview: The children’s garden is a special garden dedicated to the children passing through Kanapaha and includes major components: treasure wall, hedge maze, koi pond, and how a plant gets its name garden.

A closer look: The Treasure Wall is a walled cul-de-sac whose inner surface is studded with a great variety of treasures - ancient fossils, sea shells, ceramic tiles, turtle shells, stunning glass beads and a great miscellany of other interesting artifacts. Children are able to undertake a treasure hunt for specific objects embedded in a flagstone wall.

There is a maze that will offer a complex of walkways enclosed by an extensive hedge, enhanced by elegant vine covered wooden trellises. This garden also includes some plant wizardry: two crape myrtle trees grafted together to create a living archway adults and children alike can walk under.  Both lavender and white color flowers emerge from the crape myrtle in the summer as a reminder that the archway came from two living organisms.

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