A Place of Lush Dreams - Tina Corbett -$475


SEPTEMBER 8 (9AM-5PM) 9 & 10 (9AM-7PM) 2017


Local landscape artists will be gathering to create live paintings at Kanapaha Botanical Gardens. The 3 day event is part of the 15th Worldwide Artist Paint Out, linking artists and locations all over the world and promoting art as a universal language that has no borders. The lush settings and vistas of Kanapaha Gardens will offer the artists an abundance of inspiration. The gardens have long been a muse for the local creative community, and hosted in 2002 one of the very first paint outs in Florida. Since then, these events have seen an explosion of popularity and patronage. Come join us! Witness the mysterious creative process as you stroll through the gardens from artist to artist. They will marvel you with their sleight of hand as they magically create masterpieces before your very eyes! Regular admission price for non-members and members are admitted free of charge.

Painting courtesy of Tina Corbett

ART OPENING: SEPTEMBER 24 (5pm-7pm) 2017


The Art Opening date has been moved to the 24th due to hurricane Irma. Be the first to purchase a favorite painting at the reception and exhibition in the Summer House Gallery. The show, Worldwide Paint Out at Kanapaha Botanical Gardens will hang in the Summer House Gallery through the end of 2016. A commission of 40% on art sales benefits Kanapaha Botanical Gardens. There is no cost associated with attending the Art Opening. The outside Gardens will not be open at this time.