How far apart should bamboo clumps be spaced for visual screening?  This depends on which variety of bamboo is involved, since larger varieties expand more quickly than smaller types.  For visual closure within 3 years, we recommend the following spacing of clumps for the types of clumping bamboos we are offering:   Buddha’s Belly, Wong Chuk ---8 feet.  Graceful, Blue --- 6 feet.  Hedge, Silverstripe, Stripestem ---4 feet.  Golden Goddess---3 feet.  Chinese Goddess, Fernleaf ---2 feet.

Can the bamboo clumps be subdivided at the time of purchase?  This is not advisable since we custom dig each clump to try to insure each has enough rhizome mass (root ball) to survive and subsequently thrive.  We recommend waiting at least three years before dividing bamboo clumps.

How far away from a fence, building or other structure should a bamboo plant or screen be planted?  This is not a question that can be answered generically.  Bamboo clumps continue to expand ---more slowly with age--- throughout their lifetimes.  Thus, a Hedge Bamboo planted eight feet away from a fence will eventually reach the fence, but not as quickly as one planted six feet away.  Larger varities fill in more quickly and smaller types more slowly. The question is better rephrased: How many years of maintenance-free bamboo screening do I want before the prospect of controlling rhizome growth in the space separating the bamboo and wall?